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Everyone has a right to fulfill their furniture dreams. Indoflex furniture is that place where your dreams can be fulfilled – Directors Moto.

About Us

Indoflex Furniture is renowned furniture manufacturing industry and also one of the fastest growing furniture manufacturing companies in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Our speciality is in Customised Furnishing in all kinds of places like House, Offices, Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants and Bars, Cafeteria, Function Halls and so on.

We craft furniture at 4 workshops and 3 showrooms are available in both Guntur and Krishna (Dt.) to display manufactured products to customers.

We have highly skilled craftsman who bring life to your furniture dreams.

Our experienced management and punctual delivery team makes it possible for us to create the desired products in most efficient way.

We are thankful to our customers for helping us furnish your dreams.

Your home is nothing if not personal. At Indoflex Furniture, we’re here to help you create a space that reflects you and what you love. That means forward-thinking, problem-solving design that unites value, quality and responsible manufacturing. Because you should feel good about your home and how it comes together.

Choose Wise implies choose “Indoflex Furniture”.